This air conditioner is perfect

When I purchased a central air conditioning unit for my home, I made sure to also enroll in a maintenance plan with the HVAC contractor who installed that. I wanted to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, so that any future problems would be covered. The maintenance plan has became a smart and cost-effective decision. I don’t know if there is a defect in the cooling equipment or if it was installed improperly, but the new air conditioner is a huge constant aggravation. Shortly after the cooling unit was installed, it started to make a very high-pitched squealing sound. The noise was so deafening that my family couldn’t stand to run the air conditioner. I called the HVAC contractor to come check this stuff out, and it was simply a malfunction which included the fan belt. Fortunately, the service call and replacement part was included in the warranty. Less than in one week later, the air conditioner started to drip water. At first, I thought it was subsequently a normal amount of condensation and nothing to worry about. However, the amount of drainage became excessive, and I was forced to schedule repairs with my HVAC company. Now, there was a problem with the condensate drain, and once again, new parts needed to come to be ordered. Since then, I’ve must call the HVAC contractor three more times. Either the air conditioner is running non stop or it’s refusing to begin with up at all. There are hot and cold spots inside my home, ice on the cooling devices, and a moldy smell whenever it runs.

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