The air conditioner at a live concert

In our younger days, I went to see live tunes every opportunity I got, almost every single weekend, and even some nights during the week. I was out on the prowl hitting up bars and clubs looking for live tunes. I would often take road trips for days on end just to see a band I liked, and over the years, I can sincerely say I saw every single band I wanted to see and I saw them perform live. But these days I don’t get out nearly as often, and my road trip days are long behind me now. There is only a single bar I visit any more, and that has a lot to do with its excellent Heating and A/C system, but all those years of staying out all night listening to music have taken a toll, and I need to take it very easy, that means keeping cool and maintaining high air quality. So I can’t go to places where people are smoking, because unless they use the world’s best air filter, the smoke will hurt my lungs and make breathing difficult.  This bar has good air quality, no smoking, and when I find a seat right next to the air vent it regularly keeps me crisp and cool. All that said, the tunes quality of the bar is not that great, so if it wasn’t for the AC I entirely would never go there at all. There are better venues with better tunes, however they have worse air quality and less powerful air conditioners. And at this point in my life I’d rather listen to terrible tunes in AC then listen to fantastic tunes while covered in sweat.

a/c repairman