My air conditioner when it gets hot

The south must have some of the worst weather in the country. It gets abnormally hot and humid here on a common basis. Winter seasons aren’t honestly cold, nor do they last long. It’s precious that we get any kind of relief from the heat. I have lived here all my life, and I believe that the only way I am able to live comfortably is because I have a dependable a/c. Most days, I work outdoors farming and completing some construction projects. On summer days in particular, I have to take frequent breaks to keep from overheating. I have zone control thermostats around the house, so I keep the a/c running wherever I am at all times. This is good because it gives me an area to cool off without having to cool my entire house! I can only imagine what my power bill would be if that weren’t the case. When I go inside, I usually take a seat beneath an air vent and have a glass of water. It has become part of my routine, and I believe that I would be less productive without the ability to do so. I often wonder how people lived without cooling systems before they were common in the houses around here? Without an a/c, I would easily be packing my bags and moving north so that I could live anywhere that had a much cooler and more fair temperature. I have become so spoiled by being able to adjust the temperature of my house by merely pressing a button, that I don’t know if I’d want to live anywhere else.

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