Adding heating to spare bedroom for mother in law

My mother in law is always a pain in the butt. The worst time of the year for me is when she decides to spend a long weekend in my home. My mother in law sets up camp, commandeers one bathroom and complains all weekend long. The complaints are usually about the water pressure in her private shower, my cooking or the temperature control in her bedroom. Last year the big complaint was about the level of heating. Apparently my central heating system was not good enough for her. She was cold the entire night, whole morning and complete weekend. So what I did last year was get a space heater for her room. I had the space heater cranked up high and never turned it off. Still, that did not appease her. Also she complained about the little space heater taking up floor space that her stuff could go. So this year I am prepared. I installed a ductless mini split in the spare bedroom. The mini split has its own thermostat so my mother in law can change the temperature to her heart’s content. Also the mini split is equipped with both heating and cooling. So she can even use AC if she wants. It does stink that I know she will alter the climate control program to where I am paying a fortune. But, honestly I would pay anything not to hear her complain for the weekend that she stays over. Any amount of heating of money is worth it to me. Maybe this year she will be happy.

space heater