Ac was not on at all

The up point of the next quarter of university is my home class’s World’s Fair project! Each student has the option of picking a country in the world to present to the entire university, telling about the country’s world culture plus history. The students prepare a lot for this project, plus for several of them, it is their 1st time speaking in public. I do my best to help out my students in any way I can. I make sure that the power in the auditorium is just right, plus that the microphones are set up ahead of schedule. I drill their talks with them, plus I assist them with putting all up in the decorations for their table, and second year, I overlooked a single actually substantial thing: the room climate control. On the day of the World’s Fair, my students plus I arrived at the gym to find out that the air conditioning was not working at all. Of course, the auditorium is a larger room, so it takes a while for the air cooling unit to cool the entire thing. I instantly called the service manager, plus she adjusted the temperature control instantly, sadly, the room was still a little warm the time of the presentation. I could tell that my terrible students could not know any air cooling while they were on the stage, plus that they were actually uncomfortable without decent weather conditions control. This time, I have already spoken with the maintenance person to make sure that the room has perfect temperature control on that day.

a/c repairman