AC was leaking

Everyone gathered for the nugget’s second birthday celebration. The nugget is my littlest godson. He was turning two years old and all the family had gathered at the local amenities center to celebrate. Everyone was there. Five generations by means of balloons, streamers, cake, ice cream, gifts, toys, and punch. It was early April, but in our region of the country, that means ninety degree weather with sudden rain every single day. We booked the party room inside of the amenity center. We hung decorations and set up food tables in two sides, a gift table in the third corner, and a photo booth inside the fourth. The cake was fantastic. It had tractors and monster trucks in it, in a farm setting. The party was going excellent until someone noticed moisture on the top of the cake. They asked if it ended up being an ice cream cake that needed to enter the freezer until it was time to cut the cake. It was not, so everyone grew concerned. I realized that the cake was moist only on the top, and in a puddle. I looked up and saw a wet spot on the ceiling. Something was dripping from the ceiling onto this cake. There was clearly a leak of some kind. We moved the rest of the food, although the cake had been ruined. My aunt called for the manager who called for the super. It turned out that air conditioner was leaking and had dripped straight through the ceiling. It was coming to the party room. It was essential to relocate and reassess quickly. It was way too hot outside and would definitely be too hot in another room without an operational HVAC. The super told us that there was an annex with its own window unit. I stepped over there with him. The one window contained the air conditioner box so the hot sun was not pouring in the room competing with the cool air. The room was interesting and comfortable. We moved everything in the annex and had a superb party.

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