AC vents

A few weeks back, I was watching my nephew Steven at his mom’s home when a somewhat unfortunate incident happened. My boy Steven is only 3, plus he is at the phase where he is curious about everything. I had to keep a constant eye on Steven, or he would be climbing on top of tables, playing with the cat, or trying to chew on the home plants! The only time I lost track of Steven was when I went to his diaper bin to get his popcorn for lunch. I was only gone for about thirty minutes, despite the fact that I heard his screaming during the home office. I rushed back plus saw that Steven had gotten his finger stuck in the air vent in our home office. His parents reside in a mobile home, so instead of having their air vents in a wall or ceiling, their air duct runs under the mobile home. Their air filters are all on the space. Steven had felt the frigid air conditioning blowing out of the air vent plus had felt the need to look at it. When I ran over to her, Steven was already screaming in panic. I suddenly freed his chubby little fingers plus comforted the boy as best as I could. The air conditioning scared him the rest of the day; Steven refused to walk over the air vent, plus when he heard the air conditioning turn on, he started crying once more.  I felt so terrible for making that huge mistake.

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