A/C troubles in car

It was a blistering hot day, and I was dying to just go get an iced coffee. I told this to my girlfriend and said how I would kill to have a delicious cup of iced coffee. She said that she was pretty sure they accepted money instead of heads on pikes. I caught that joke and gave a little chuckle. I had the A/C on full crank but after awhile, it started to warm up in the car. I couldn’t believe it, the A/C was dying on me! We went and got our iced coffees but we drank them inside of the coffee shop. It was perfectly chilled inside the place with their wonderful A/C system. I was telling my girlfriend that I wanted to take the car to the auto shop right away to have the A/C fixed. She said that was probably a great idea. When we were done with our coffee, I decided to order another iced coffee for the road. I knew how overheated the car was going to be and that would definitely help. So I ordered my coffee and enjoyed the cool A/C before going out to the car. I rolled down the windows and we drove over to the auto shop. When we arrived, the A/C in the shop was actually really nice as well. I was really happy about that because I was sweating a little bit. The rolled down windows were basically like heated air blasting in my face. The fix at the shop was actually simple and didn’t take that long. They only had to refill the A/C in the car with some refrigerant. After it was filled up, the car A/C blew out ice cold A/C once again! My girlfriend said she wanted to go surfing, so we decided to go to the beach.

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