The a/c system and tv

 In my youth, I was what people call a traveling man; Someone who moves – not exactly a drifter but not entirely a model citizen! Between the ages of about twelve to about thirty (I never much cared for recalling dates & numbers) I lived on the road, moving from one place to another & staying put any longer than I had to. Then after a while, I figured that maybe I should find a better life.

          I found a job, a girl and a place to live in fairly quickly, & now I live pretty well! During the day I work for a local HVAC upgrade & service business, & at night I stay at home, watching  all the tv & movies I missed during the first half of my life. I should admit that a traveling man learns  skills on the fly, so I had never serviced an air conditioning system or a furnace before starting this job. I had to fake it initially, but by seeing the other HVAC specialists work, I picked up enough to handle most service calls.

          Frequently at night, I play around with my thermostat & central A/C unit at home, to try & learn more but not really a lot, because I don’t want to risk ruining it, & having to call in my own HVAC supplier to service something I should be able to do myself. I don’t entirely like the job, although I will say that I enjoy the luxuries of A/C & cable that it affords me!

cooling tune up