AC system that leaks

I have lived with my parents my whole life, and I have determined that it is time to live on my own. I am turning twenty-six next month and want to make sure that I am able to take care of my condo before I get married plus begin having youngsters. I think it is going to be a learning experience because my Dad plus mom have consistently taken care of things for me; however, I think I am getting too old to depend on them for everything. Last month, I ran into my first major issue while living in my own condo. I woke up in the middle of the night to a large puddle on my floor. At first thought maybe I spilled soda and forgot to wipe it up; however, after looking closer, I found that was not the issue. The puddle was coming from a hole in my Heating plus Air Conditioning unit in the closet. The cooling unit it had started to spew out water, and now there was a giant puddle. I didn’t think what to do, so I got a hold of my mom. She said I needed to call a local Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to come out plus examine my cooling unit because it was most likely leaking because the air filter had not been changed correctly. After having a Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor come out, I understood that she was right about me not correctly installing the a/c filter. I need to make sure that I am checking it every few weeks so make sure that the cooling unit coils don’t freeze and burst.

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