The AC system busted

I was training for a half marathon that was in a couple of months. It was almost the end of summer when i went for a 6 mile jog on this particular day. It was super early at dawn, so it wasn’t AS hot as it’s going to be later in the afternoon. That’s why i like to get my runs done as early as possible in the morning. I decided to turn my air conditioner on before my partner and i left because i knew it would be scorching hot in my place when I got back. I set it for the low 68 degrees, and heard the A/C turn on before i left. It took me a bit over an hour to work. I was so hot, fed up and exhausted. I guess you could say that i was in excellent shape, but after running 6 miles and feeling the way I did, I didn’t think i was in shape good whatsoever. All i wanted to do was lay down in cool air, drink ice cold water and not move for hours. But unfortunately as i got back to my place, it was not cooled down at all! It was very warm, along with being a little humid. I felt 100x more warm when i walked inside. I immediately phoned for my local HVAC technician to see if they could come check this stuff out. Luckily for me they would be right over to confirm the problem and get the system fixed ASAP. Let’s hope it’s just a small problem that can be fixed for under $50 bucks.

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