The AC when we read in the library

Over the Summer my fiance as well as I have trouble getting our sons to use their brains mainly because the kids enjoy to be physical. They ride skateboards, swim in the pool as well as play baseball. They also enjoy getting into trouble, so my fiance as well as I try to keep them busy  all Summer since they are not at school anymore; My fiance as well as I sign them up for little league, take them over to friends as well as also try to get the kids to use their brains. About once a month over the Summer we take them to our local library with air conditioning. Our  family each finds a book as well as we study in an air conditioned library nook more than about 2 hours. At first our kids were angry as well as unhappy doing this. But as our Summer started heating up, the kids were more eager to go hang out in the air conditioned library. The reason for this is our local Barnes as well as Noble has central a/c while own lake house does not even have AC. So to get cool the kids either swim, take an ice bath or they can go to the library. The break from the heat for a few hours once a month is wonderful. The kids now look forward to our  afternoon in the library a/c as well as position themselves right under the air vents. Two hours fly by as well as the kids are getting more into their learning thanks to the ac. Think about taking your kids to your own local library but only if it has AC.

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