AC is not easy to work with

Perhaps the ultimate possible outcome of any marriage is a life together in peace and harmony, however unfortunately this is not always the way that it goes. My parents always told me that I should not expect life to be all roses. Granted, their marriage is not the best example and they truly both could have tried a little harder. In any case, my own married life was luckily not as rough as theirs, however it still could have been better. I know it is safe to say that both my wifey and I are easy-going and agreeable types. Occasionally we do get a little miserable with each other though. I know the  greatest point of interaction between us is about weather conditions control related topics, you see, the way that we met is through our mutual care for all things heating and cooling. We both always respectively knew that it was our life’s calling and the Heating and A/C specialist’s path is what brought us together. Normally, usual ground is good, however a/cs particularly can be truly polarizing. There are peculiar schools of weather conditions control thought and we find ourselves at opposite extremes. I am what some consider to be an air conditioning system traditionalist. I find that I like mine to be running regardless of the temperature outside. Indoor air quality for me requires a truly low amount of humidity. Therefore, I just like my a/c to be running all the time, unless of course the gas furnace is on. My wifey on the other hand is the minimalist when it comes to matters of air conditioning system. We occasionally disagree, however ultimately care about prevails.

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