A/C in laundry area

Having moved into a new house recently, I have really been enjoying decorating and getting everything organized just the way that I like it. It is our first house, so my husband and I are not planning on living here forever. It will only fit one or two kids at the most! For now, though, it is perfect and cozy, and we love it to pieces. Nothing bothers me more than people being critical of it. We are newlyweds, and I do not need pity because my house does not have an open concept floorplan! So what if I have a small galley kitchen and white tile instead of fashionable hardwood flooring? So what if the house has carpet in the living room, and if the master bathroom could not sleep a small army in the bathtub? It is ours, and we love it. The weirdest criticism was from one of my acquaintances at work. She asked about the laundry situation, and when I told her that it was in the garage, she was horrified! She insisted that I needed to immediately persuade my husband to get HVAC installed in the garage. How could I possibly stand the heat while the dryer was going without air conditioning? Did my husband purposefully want me to be miserable? I was quite amused. First of all, we only do about three loads of laundry a week, so to pay for HVAC out in the garage for less than three hours worth of use a week is absurd. Secondly, if I were not able to handle five minutes of heat going to and from the dryer three times a week without air conditioning, I am going to have a sad, miserable life! Needless to say, we will not be installing HVAC in our garage.

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