AC has a jammed air filter

Just last month, I moved from the northern area of the country to The south, and bought my very own dwelling.  The cabin appeared absolutely perfect, and I was excited to transfer in and become settled.  After residing there for less than a week, I experienced some significant problems.  I’m now stuck dealing with cracks in the walls, uneven floors, leaky windows, and doors that can’t even shut.  I’ve got horrible plumbing that leaks, lights that don’t turn on at all, and flooding within the basement.  The biggest thing in the cabin that seems to have the worst problem is the central cooling device.  Throughout all the several projects in my years, I have been able to count on the air conditioner to keep the place perfectly cool.  Because I am constantly opening doors, removing windows, and cutting out all these walls, there is a continual influx of hot air as well as dust.  The cooling device is genuinely responsible for a heavy workload.  I always am sure to change the air filter every single month.  The other night, the cooling coil on the air conditioner completely froze over.  It was downright solid with a layer of ice, and wasn’t able to provide any cool air whatsoever.  Since I had just changed the air filter less than 2 weeks before, I didn’t think that could be the issue.  However, when I checked the air filter, I found it completely clogged up with dust and various construction debris.   While I am involved with repairs and remodeling projects, I always have to change the air filter every couple of weeks at least.  I also need to get a hold of a licensed Heating and A/C supplier to thoroughly clean out the inner workings of the device.  

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