A/C is so important

As part of my life, I try to help others. I am acutely aware that I am a fortunate being and I believe I should help others who are not as materially blessed as I am. Because of that, I volunteer to help the homeless population in my city. We recently decided that we needed to build a new homeless facility to provide temporary shelter for people living on the streets. Because we did not have enough money, we decided to forego getting an HVAC system. We figured the people were living on the streets already, so they would not really need air conditioning and heating. We wanted to put in more beds and a fantastic kitchen with the money we had. We did not think that air conditioning was a need. The city planners, however, did not agree with our plan. It is now against the law to build any building without an HVAC system. Even though our clients are obviously not used to enjoying heating and cooling systems, we are not allowed to build a temporary housing shelter unless it includes air conditioning and heating. It is not as if we wanted them not to be cool or warm simply that we wanted to be able to house more people. The shelter will be too small to provide shelter to all the people who will likely show up each day, so we will be able to help fewer people. The folks who do get in will be more comfortable because they have a furnace to keep them warm or an air conditioner to keep them cool, but what about the people who can’t get in because we had to spend our money on the HVAC units?

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