AC installation for animals

So, I am not a fan of owning an animal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am okay when it comes to rabbits, but they can be a lot of work as well as dough that no person should ever actually have to spend! My buddy Doug has various rabbits. Doug loves his rabbits just like they were his children, so there is no talking with him when it comes to their needs. Doug actually has the entire cabin set up with zone control heating as well as air conditioning since each of them are temperamental with unusual temperature wishes. When Doug and I were just using the basic HVAC idea with a control unit, Doug claims the rabbits were getting annoyed as well as sick more often. Then, the zone control idea came into play. Doug can now separate all the rabbits into the rooms of their temperature preference. Oh my god, is it just me, or does this seem kind of weird as well as stupid to spend dough so much time as well as energy on a rabbit! I wouldn’t dare say anything to dough, because I guess he is truly odd about it. But, I can only dream he will be this attentive to his own future kid! The other day the cabin was actually kind of warm as well as I knew that was not the right setting. I called him at his job as well as he frantically ran back home to see what the complication was with the HVAC. Dough couldn’t see anything right off the bat though.

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