AC helping me out

I don’t definitely think if it could be true or not, even though I undoubtedly do guess that a/c saved my life. This is what happened: I was kneeling outside in the bleachers at the local ballpark enjoying our little child play soccer.It was a ridiculous little soccer game for teenagers, however those kinds of things are important to go to, well, it was a Monday plus it was so incredibly hot. I began to get a little woozy, plus the box fan near the bleachers, jammed into an extension cord, was no help at all. The next thing I knew, I was being carried into the park office. It seemed I had passed right out from the heat. The park office worker happened to be there enjoying the game also, thank goodness, however she let us in plus immediately sat me down next to the window air conditioner. The freezing air blasted through those air vents plus cooled me down. She turned the air conditioner on as high as it would go, plus I definitely needed it; My head was hurting plus my skin felt clammy. Someone took my temperature with the temperature control plus I was so hot. Someone brought me water to drink, plus the water combined with the air conditioner was the best therapy. I thought about going to the hospital as well, however decided that as long as the air conditioner was toiling, I would just stay kneeling there right next to that that air conditioner air vent. I am not sure if our little one noticed that I was gone, even though I sure was grateful for that little window air conditioner in that little neighborhood parks department office.

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