AC equipment in my gym

I went and saw a musical with my grandmother yesterday. I bet I am the only twenty year old man that can say that. She desperately wanted to see the musical Fiddler on the Roof. So being a good grandson I took her for the night. I expected a theater to be like a movie theater. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. I looked like a big jerk wearing that to the theater. Everyone else was dressed up like it was a major event. I stuck out in a really bad way. I at least got the temperature right. Movie theaters are always way too air conditioned. I brought my big wool coat for the event anticipating the cold. The theater is ancient and has all the original art on the ceiling. This means the HVAC unit has to be fitted to a lower level. The ventilation was not high on the ceiling in order to heat or cool the audience. The vents had to be at our feet so it would not ruin the original structure. The air conditioner must have been set to a low temperature too. I have never had my feet feel so cold in my entire life. The air conditioning system was on and blowing air right on my toes. My grandmother got so cold that I had to sacrifice my jacket. We laid it over our feet to try and block out the AC. It was kind of a miserable evening all together. The AC, the musical and the attire made it not great. Needless to say, the theater is not for me.residential HVAC