AC for our college house

When I was in university, I lived in about the lousiest cabin you can try to imagine… It was run down, gross, moldy, and all around just actually “university.” Every one of us really didn’t care though, we had some of the best times of our lives in that crusty outdated dumpster. I remember when we all picked our houses and talked about our respective rent, and one of our friends realized that she was paying way more than most of us, but she had no actual method why, and all of us were stupefied as well. So one night, we went over to her place, and I found out exactly why immediately, every one of us were hit with an instant blast of cold air, it was absolutely completely amazing. It was so relaxing, I couldn’t even describe it. Every one of us attended school in the south, so it was always way too hot there, but, of course none of us broke peasants had a/c in our houses because we were young! This girl had a/c and it was included in the cost of her usual rent, that’s why she was paying so much more than the rest of us; While she was a little peeved at first because the property owner apparently didn’t tell her, she eventually came around because that a/c was just so attractive. Seriously, a lot of us would go over to sleep at her place on really hot mornings just to know that cool air washing over us, as opposed to staying in our sweltering outdated university homes! It was great, even during some hottest mornings in the Winter season!