Ac and the ocean

There is nothing that can match sitting on the beach when a storm is coming onshore.  It is the most brilliant sight, with the lightning flashing on the ocean, the silver grey of the waves as they crash upon the shore, and white of the waves from the force of the wind.  Even when the air is bristling from the heat plus the lightning, it still sends a shudder up your spine.  The first time I witnessed the power of a storm coming off the ocean, I wanted nothing more than to get back inside plus dry off.  I was suitably in awe, however the storm had myself and others entirely soaked plus shivering.  The a/c inside would have been great had it not been raining, however the cool air shot out of the air vents, plus I had goosebumps all over.  I made sure to take a sizzling shower to get rid of the shakes, plus wrapped up in a robe that was moderate from the heated towel bars.  My partner had reset the thermostat so the a/c was set at 77 instead of 71.  I was surprised that it could be almost ninety degrees outside, plus still I could get so cold, so quickly.  After the first twenty minutes or so, the shivering stopped plus I was warmed plus comfortable.  He quickly reset the thermostat back to 71, plus both of us had a marvellous afternoon.  We decided to watch the storm from our living room window after that experience.  I still want to experience the storms as they come in off the sea, however I’ve decided that instead of being outside plus ending up frigid plus sick, I’ll resume to watch them from our living room window plus the comfort of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C device to keep us comfortable.

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