A/C and relying on it

My husband and I live in the countryside, and every time we’ve got to go into the city for something, it’s usually at least an hour to get there and another hour to get home. We like being detached from the chaos of the city, which is why we’ve chosen to live all this time out of town. Our home is small and eco-friendly, and we try to live very modestly. You’ll find one bedroom, a fair-sized kitchen area, and one bathroom separated from the common room of the house. We grow most of our food, and we try to build any items that we need instead of buying them. The only thing we can’t build or imitate is a cutting-edge HVAC unit. I’m way past reliant on my cooling system, and I think I’d be miserable without being able to keep our house cool. I tend to get migraines when I overheat, so it’s important that I’m able to keep the climate in the house under control. My husband didn’t put up a fight when it came to this, because he knows how important it is for us to have top-notch air quality in the house. Aside from our A/C, we don’t rely very heavily on modern appliances. We don’t use a dishwasher, nor do we make use of a dryer since we opted for having a clothesline instead. I’ve really learned to enjoy the way we live because this makes me think much harder about how much waste we were contributing in the city. We avoid being wasteful as much as we can with this minimalist lifestyle. People can easily grow to be very materialistic in today’s world, and that is something that we avoid at all costs!

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