2 climates and HVAC

I feel really lucky to have our hometown as well as our current neighborhood located in close proximity to two of the coolest international airports in our country. This fact makes it unquestionably easy and fairly affordable to find flights back and forth, facilitating more journeys to see our friends and extended family than I could possibly accomplish were I instead to make the ten-hour drive each direction. These cheap flights are an amazing perk, but there are plenty of difficulties associated with traveling between these two diverse weather zones. Our hometown is located in the dead center of the Midwest, which means it experiences all the seasonal extremes you can imagine plus the winters are extremely nasty. They bring chilly temperatures and brutally cold winds as well as snowy blizzard conditions. Our current state, on the other hand, is located in the south end of the country. Thus, it experiences warm temperatures nearly year round. As such, traveling between the two destinations is quite complicated when it comes to temperature regulation. Each time we leave our current home, we may be wearing T-shirts plus jeans, but arriving up north the low air temperatures make it necessary to have a warm winter coat. The transition from air conditioner to central heating within three hours is quite shocking, plus I know it can’t be good for our health to switch between warm and cold air so swiftly. That said, I won’t stop making these trips back home, but I may need to wait until the air temperatures in each neighborhood even out a bit more.